RtChex is a run ticket clearinghouse that enables your company to gain the efficiencies you need in this competitive environment and at very affordable economics. You can use all or part of the system to conduct your business in a way that works best for you but you will enjoy the ease at which the system operates. Some of the benefits of the system are:


No extra hardware to buy in order to use its mobile apps or software to install on your desktops. No set up charges and no long term contracts, only pay for what and when you use it, per ticket. RtChex mobile apps are free to download and work on both Apple and Android devices, and they work outside of cellular network service areas.


The system was built to meet crude oil transportation company needs. From the driver’s perspective, lease locations are map identified when provided via GPS coordinates. The system supports split load tickets and provides the ability to transfer loads from one driver to another. The ticketing system allows drivers to record all extra freight charges including comments. Print physical copies of tickets, if needed, when your drivers have commonly used mobile printers. Complete run tickets in minutes with built in accuracy checks for the drivers and your company receives those tickets in your office in real time. Driver training is free of charge and RtChex has a 24/7 U.S. helpline.


From the trucking company’s perspective of the system, no more scanning copies of the run tickets or Bill of Ladings to include in your invoicing, your customers can see all this within the same RtChex system. The system also generates bill of ladings for every load or it enables you to incorporate your own BoLs and it can also incorporate your own PO # and or that of your customer’s into the tickets. The system also allows your company to incorporate 3rd party trucking companies into your operation.


Works with buy and haul truck loads, truck mounted meter systems and lease metered systems. All run tickets are electronically transferred to our patented clearinghouse. Our state of the art built-in dispatch system enables your company to receive directly and electronically from producers, assign drivers, and monitor the progress of the movement, as well as share back electronically the run tickets to your marketer and the producer. A dispatch system built for enterprise type operations but user friendly enough for smaller operations. Have the ability to add or remove drivers with one click.


System is capable of capturing delivery ticket details and location information if desired. You and your customers look at the same accounting data within the system thus you both significantly save on your company’s accounting efforts. Built in invoicing assist system, potentially enables your company to place an invoice on your customer’s desktop within minutes of the completed movement, with all the confirming documentation included.


Create custom reports within RtChex to know whether you’re dealing with bad tank gauges or dealing with an inaccurate delivery meter or to monitor drivers to ensure they are taking care of business.


RtChex is currently used with multiple marketers, producers and other transporters. If your customer is not on the system it’s a simple matter to get them an account.


Pick up new business and have all your driver’s mobile devices provided with all their needed load information within minutes of getting the work. Have drivers immediately heading for their trucks. RtChex creates the potential to pick up short term business without making long term commitments to software or hardware or on the flip side having to pass up business because you don’t have the hardware.


RtChex integrates with several other trucking company software systems that have their own run ticketing systems built into them; as a trucker, you can stay with the system that you might be contracted to and/or that you like. This allows your company to continue business as usual while electronically feeding the data into the RtChex clearinghouse in real time for the benefit of your company, your purchasers, and the producers. Or if you prefer, use the RtChex mobile apps to create run tickets or water tickets.

Our app is available in the app store in both English and Spanish.


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