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RtChex is a cost-efficient enterprise service provider that links the parties involved in oil and water transactions in real time in one location. A system that is widely used by some of the most progressive companies in the industry.

Using the best technologies in mobile applications, data transfer integrations, cloud services and computer learning, RtChex users see an immediate improvement in operational efficiencies, increased visibility to their operations and more productive employees; all of which is contributing to better bottom lines.

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Oil refinery plant from industry zone, A

Protect your profit margins, easily monitor all of your ongoing business, and know your month-to-date received and delivered volumes in real-time! 

Quickly find where you are leaking margins on your transactions. Add supplemental trucking companies in minutes.

Large Oil Truck


RtChex is The Official Clearinghouse Exchange completing the communication gap between the parties in the oil and water ticketing process! Transfer data in a complete and single format to each of your existing systems and trade partners. Remove redundant paperwork and eliminate the need to retain years’ worth of paper tickets. Automated processes, and easily adhere to industry and government standards.

As the patented clearinghouse, RtChex is your open forum integration with many known and used systems on all sides of every transaction including 3rd party service providers. Whether it be ticketing software, contract systems, third party production or accounting systems, cross-sharing information has never been easier. All of your information in one place, in one format!


Built to be an elite management tool, it has never been easier to access all the pieces of your data in real time with consistent formatting while providing historic perspective to spot trends, identify issues, and optimize opportunities. Quickly analyze irregularities or patterns for a clearer perspective of your business. Each tool is  uniquely designed for Production, Midstream, and Transportation companies, so navigating the system is efficient, logical, and effective for your individual day-to-day use.

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