RtChex is the most producer focused run and water ticketing system in the industry. The system incorporates several features that most producers have never been offered before, including the warehousing of all of their run ticket data in one place as it pertains to oil sales, lease location data, tanks, tank strappings and seal records.


Full accounting of run tickets to net barrels greatly reduces redundant back office data entry efforts and significantly reducing the ticket correction process. If you have multiple buyers, you could have just as many different ticketing formats. With RtChex, you and your buyer look at the same accounting data within the system, thus you both significantly save on your company’s accounting efforts. RtChex enables you to theoretically tie out with your buyer on the first day after the month of delivery.


RtChex uses one of the leading cloud servers for our database where all of your lease information is securely and redundantly stored; warehousing in compliance with regulatory standards. No more storing countless boxes of run tickets or spending hours of scanning. Our system effectively transfers the tickets into your accounting software electronically.


In addition to our user friendly run ticketing system, RtChex also has a comprehensive yet easy to use water ticket system that integrates into the same data base system as the run tickets, with one warehouse location for all of your data.


Know that your company’s records are secure and readily accessible when and if ever needed and at no cost. RtChex never holds your records. Accomplish regulator audits in a matter of minutes rather than days or weeks with our audit system. RtChex complies with BLM and API standards.


RtChex is a transactional based system used by multiple marketers and transporters and other producers without long term contract obligations. RtChex offers no start up costs and users only pay for the system when and if you use it, per ticket. No software is installed on your office computers so the cyber security risk is virtually eliminated. We operate as a SaaS business.  Accesses to the system and mobile apps are controlled by your company and we utilize the latest in cyber security measures. Within the system, access is multi-leveled as to authority and accessibility. Enable or disable users to the system with one click.


RtChex integrates via API to leading downstream software service providers within the producer services community and to several trucking company run ticket software programs on the upstream.


Though the bulk import process that RtChex offers, company’s can usually get set up within the system in no more than a couple of days, and with the API connection, it’s a matter of hours. Complete systems introduction and implementation, from field, back office, or management, can usually be done in about a day. Quick and easy to use at any level within your organization, with a 24/7 U.S. customer support line.


RtChex allows your field personnel to do more field work and less paper work.


Field apps are available for field supervisors, pumpers, field operators, gaugers and water haulers. The apps work outside of cellular network service areas. Mobile apps are free to download and work on both Apple and Android devices. Apps and the website are easy to use and access to the system controlled by your company.


Pumpers can order loads, monitor seal activity or review and/or approve run tickets within seconds of a transaction, thus eliminating issues within minutes and without involving others within your company.


RtChex’s 100% electronic tickets eliminate the need to pick up paperwork in the field or the frustration of trying to read handwriting. RtChex is the only true patented paperless system. If you still want paper copies, assuming your hauler has a commonly used mobile printer, they can generate a copy. Tickets can be emailed and/or are viewable on the driver’s or pumper’s mobile devices and on the website.


GPS coordinates can be collected and lease locations mapped for the drivers to locate the lease. The system can be geographically configured to limit the scope of the system’s view to business areas for a specific location or state.


Custom reports enable you to know at a field, lease or tank level what is going on in your operations in real time 24/7 from wherever you’re located at the time, not just from your office.


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