There is no system out there that provides your company with the immediate access to your business activities in the field like RtChex. Truly know your business and know it from your vantage point rather than from what a third party is telling you!


RtChex is a run ticket clearinghouse exchange. We warehouse all of the run ticket data that you, your transporter and your producers generate while transacting business. Everything that your company usually stores in boxes in your back office is housed in our secure cloud based warehouse. Our system effectively electronically transfers the field tickets into your accounting software. With the use of mobile devices to collect the run tickets, RtChex can make this data available to you in real time.


Use any trucking companies you want with any run ticket systems they use but have them put their ticket information into our clearinghouse. RtChex can electronically upload the data directly from several of these trucking company's software systems in near real time for the benefit of all of the trade partners in the transaction. The data from the different trucking companies comes into RtChex in several different formats based on the systems that they use and we deliver it back to you in one format: yours! Plus, we make the appropriate data available to your business partners within the transaction, i.e. the producer, the trucker and if you want, your market.


Compare and use the same data as your transporters and producers during month end accounting. No chasing down lost tickets and all but eliminates the ticket correction process. No more scanning copies of the tickets to compare load data. Have the same net volume as your producers on each load.


A system that has the ability to incorporate delivery tickets into the system so all transactional information on each load is in one location. Create reconciliation reports that let you know when delivered volumes do not match the volumes at the lease. Great custom reports enable you to recognize issues before they cost you money or let the system enable you to identify opportunities and efficiencies within your business that you never knew existed. 


Look at your business as never before: on a day to day, month to month, or month to date basis or even as of one minute ago. The system allows you to look at, monitor and filter down to individual producers, leases, tanks, drivers or even meters just to name a few of its capabilities. Within RtChex is an easy to use custom report building program where you can save your favorite reports.


Know your month to date receipts or deliveries, before the end of the month, to ensure that you’re meeting contract obligations thereby having an opportunity to correct the discrepancy before you have an issue at the end of the month. Enable analytics to determine issues harming your bottom line, from bad tanks to bad drivers. Stop losing barrels at the lease or at the delivery point.


Picking up new business presents immediate challenges: getting your drivers up to speed on the new locations and lease data, or needing to bring on new truckers into the mix. With RtChex, it only takes a matter of minutes for new trucking companies and drivers to have full access to all of the lease location data that they’ll need, not to mention the accounting department short term business opportunities become much more doable. Within RtChex is a dispatch system built for enterprise type operations but user friendly enough for smaller operations; use it if you need to or stick with the one you currently have.


No set up charges and no long term contracts, only pay for what and when you use it, per ticket. Cost sharing options are available. No software is installed on your office computers so the cyber security risk is virtually eliminated; we operate as a SaaS business.


Though the bulk import process that RtChex offers, company’s can usually get set up within the system in no more than a couple of days. With the API connection it is a matter of hours. Complete systems introduction, training and implementation, from field, back office, or management, can usually be done in about a day.


Quick and easy to use at any level in your organization and we provide a 24/7 U.S. customer service line.


RtChex is currently used with multiple trucking companies, producers and marketers; call us for references.